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Land & Building


  • Areas

  • 39.4Acres

  • Whether owned or leased

  • Owned


    1. Owned/Leased/Rent

    2. Exclusive/Shared

      1. Industrail Area

        1. Area of classroom/Tutorial

        2. Drawing Halls

        3. Laboratories

        4. Workshop

      2. Administrative

      3. Amenities

    3. Total plinth Area(Excluding Hostel Quarters)

    4. Plinth Area per student



    31577.92 Sq.mtrs.

    31577.92 Sq.mtrs.

    1247.95 Sq.mtrs

    840.46 Sq.mtrs

    6361.67 Sq.mtrs.

    1714.50 Sq.mtrs.

    1053.80 Sq.mtrs.

    6948.44 Sq.mtrs

    18166.82 Sq.mtrs.

    21.50 Sq.mtrs

    Other Facilities

    The Institution has a practice of preparing a comprehensive annual program of all academic and extra curricular activities right in the beginning of the session. This includes Independence Day, Republic Day Flag Hoisting functions. Paper Reading Contest, Blood Donation Camp, Declamation Contest, Engineering Material/Model Exhibition and conducting of class tests, short educational tours etc.

    Hostel and Residential Facilities

    The institute has four numbers of Hostels separately for Boys & Girls for housing nearly 800 students, providing all modern amenities such as DG Sets,Telivision,Indoor Games etc. Sufficient numbers of residences including guesthouse are also available in the campus.


    The library is well classified and stocked with around fifty-five thousands volumes, 15 journals/magazines and all prominent newspapers are regularly subscribed to supplement the knowledge of the student. It has a approx. 1000 sq.mtrs. of built-up area comprising of a reading room with sitting capacity of 150.

    The library has a Book Bank, which provide all the students with textbooks for almost all the subjects for complete course duration.