Areas 26.4Acres
Whether owned or leased Owned


  1. Owned/Leased/Rent

  2. Exclusive/Shared

    1. Industrial Area

      1. Area of classroom/Tutorial

      2. Drawing Halls

      3. Laboratories

      4. Workshop

    2. Administrative

    3. Amenities

  3. Total plinth Area(Excluding Hostel Quarters)

  4. Plinth Area per student



31577.92 Sq.mtrs.

31577.92 Sq.mtrs.

1247.95 Sq.mtrs

840.46 Sq.mtrs

6361.67 Sq.mtrs.

1714.50 Sq.mtrs.

1053.80 Sq.mtrs.

6948.44 Sq.mtrs

18166.82 Sq.mtrs.

21.50 Sq.mtrs


The Institution has a practice of preparing a comprehensive annual program of all academic and extra curricular activities right in the beginning of the session. This includes Independence Day, Republic Day Flag Hoisting functions. Paper Reading Contest, Blood Donation Camp, Declamation Contest, Engineering Material/Model Exhibition and conducting of class tests, short educational tours etc.


The institute has two numbers of Hostels separately for Boys & Girls for housing nearly 345 students, providing all modern amenities such as DG Sets,Telivision,Indoor Games etc. Sufficient numbers of residences including guesthouse are also available in the campus.



  • No. of rooms = 80 (Dormitory) - For 240 Students
  • Dining Hall = 1
  • T.V. Room = 1
  • Hostel Mess in Co-operative Mode
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sports facility
  • Generator facility
  • RO Water System
  • Open Area = 11/2 Acre
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • CCTV Cameras



  • No. of rooms = 35(Dormitory) - For 105 Students
  • T.V. Reading Room = 1
  • Hostel Mess in Co-operative Mode
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sports facility
  • Generator facility
  • RO Water System
  • Hot Water Facility
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 24*7 Guard Security


The library is well classified and stocked with around one lac volumes, 19 journals/magazines and all prominent newspapers are regularly subscribed to supplement the knowledge of the student. It has a approx. 1000 sq.mtrs. of built-up area comprising of a reading room with sitting capacity of 150.
The library has a Book Bank, which provide all the students with textbooks for almost all the subjects for complete course duration.


The various Sports facilities are available in the institute. The interested students may contact to the below mentioned O/I's of various sports :

O/I's Of Various Sports
SR.No. Name of O/I Designation Name of Sport
1 Bajinder Sharma Sr. Lect. Civil Engg. Badminton
2 Krishan Lal Lect. Comp. Engg. Volley Ball
3 Ravinder Kumar Lect. ECE. Football
4 Parminder Mann Lect. Comp. Engg. Cricket
5 Naveen Sharma Lect. Elect. Engg. Hockey
6 Rajesh Kamboj Lect. Elect. Engg Basket Ball
7 Om Parkesh Sharma F/I Kabaddi & Table Tennis
8 Vinod Kumar W/I Hand Ball
9 Soni Mehta L/I( ECE) Badminton & Table Tennis (Girls)

The students May contact Sh. Satvinder Singh, President Sports & Sh. Rajesh Kumar,O/I Sports for sport activities other than listed above.


Mechanical Engineering

SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Applied Mechanics Lab
2 Internet of Things Lab
3 Strength of Materials Lab
4 Thermal Engg. Lab
5 Auto CAD Lab
6 Materials and Metallurgy Lab
7 Hydraulics and Pneumatics lab
8 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
9 Theory of Machine Lab
10 CNC Lab
11 Inspection and Quality Control Lab
12 Automobile Engg. Lab

Electronics & Communication Engineering

SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Communication Engineering Lab
2 Power Electronics Lab
3 EDC Lab
4 Circuit Simulation Lab
5 Digital Electronics Lab
6 Microprocessor Lab
7 Audio Video Lab
8 Electronics Workshop


SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Electrical Machine Lab
2 Electrical measurement and measuring Instruments Lab
3 Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE) Lab
4 Electrical Power Lab
5 Electronics Lab
6 Computer Lab
7 Electrical Workshop-II
8 Project work

Civil Engineering

SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Survey Lab
2 Construction Materials Lab
3 Building Construction Lab
4 Concrete Technology Lab
5 Water Supply & Waste Water Engineering Lab
6 Soil Engineering Lab
7 Highway Engineering Lab
8 Computer Lab

Computer Engineering

SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Programming Lab
2 Cloud Computing Lab
3 PIC Lab
4 Hardware Lab
5 DBMS Lab
6 Graphics Lab

Instrumentation & Control Engineering

SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Process Control Lab
2 Measurement & Control Lab
3 Instrumentation Lab
4 Microprocessor & Digital Electronics Lab
5 CPA Lab

Applied Science

SR.No. Name of Lab
1 Communication Lab
2 Physics Lab
3 Chemistry Lab

Smart Classroom

There are three smart classrooms in the institute to provide a learning space that has been enhanced with educational technology and is designed to improve the teaching and learning experience.